No adoptee will be left to feel alone

   "There is only one corner of the universe you can be certain of

                      improving and that's your own self. " -Aldous Huxley

What is Emotional Release and Balancing Technique (ERPT)

Emotional Release and Balancing Technique is a holistic emotional healing work that allows for recognition and reduction or elimination of limiting beliefs, behavioral patterns and dysfunction in the mind, body, heart and spirit

Why does ERBT work?

ERBT addresses emotional health on multiple layers. It addresses limiting belief systems and behavioral patterns that are stored in your emotional brain. The emotional brain stores information that determines how you feel and act in any given situation. It provides an opportunity to address the origin of pain, both emotional and physical. Many of the emotional imbalances faced as adults began as children between the ages of birth and 6 years. Finding the origin allows recognition of how the destructive pattern got started as well as how to change it. We often feel stuck in our lives because we can't change a pattern or behavior that we are unaware is controlling us ERBT brings this awareness for change.

Emotional Release and Balancing Technique (ERPT) uses a process of investigation using kinesiology testing. Then, I will guide you into a process of deductive reasoning, awareness, acceptance, affirmation statements and finally forgiveness.      


How is ERBT different from traditional Psychotherapy?

ERBT is not a clinical therapy. It is not designed to provide a diagnosis or label for any disease or emotional disorder. ERBT is a holistic emotional energy work designed to guide one to a gateway of emotional change, self awareness and spiritual growth. ERBT is not talk therapy, you need not come to the session prepared with stories from your past, or have an in-depth awareness of your feelings. The process can bring to the surface things that were buried or just outside of your awareness previously. As we slowly bring to the surface these emotions, instincts, beliefs and behaviors that have been present but outside of your conscious awareness you will have an opportunity to alter them to meet your current needs. Guidance and instruction is provided to actually change your reactions to life in your present and future toward a more favorable outcome in relationships, your success and your happiness. 

Why will ERBT be helpful just because I am adopted?

Remember back to a moment in life when a situation occurred and the reactions, feelings or behaviors seemed to be unreasonable or confusing to you later? This is usually a behavior that warrants an apology to someone and results in feelings that are not rationale to the situation. Often extraordinary anger or sadness will be felt around a trigger for a past emotional trauma.

We have all had these situations. These situations are a symptom to let us know that something is stored in our emotional brain, of which, we are not aware. As human beings we are genetically gifted behaviors, feelings, depression, anxiety and many other physical attributes in our DNA and we are highly influenced by are learned behavior and environment. Adoptees can experience confusion, feelings of isolation, and feelings of something being wrong with them when their genetic profile does not match that of the adoptive family. With out the reflection of the genetic family it becomes difficult for the adoptee to understand who they are. Even when someone does not like their families behaviors, it allows an individual to see this behavior, realize it is part of them and choose or change it. This type of reflection is missing from an adoptee's life making self abuse for who they feel themselves to be a common theme. This type of self abuse often leads to self sabotage, substance abuse, depression, anxiety and other physical and emotional maladies. ERBT allows an adoptee to explore the behaviors that come from genetic origin and come into acceptance of them and make changes to those that no longer serve. Without awareness adoptees can form unhealthy attachments to their birth families as an attempt to hold onto that connection. These attachments can cause adoptees to become involved in destructive relationship in life.

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 Why ERBT?

ERBT provides a special opportunity for the conscious brain and the emotional mind to have a conversation with each other and solve conflicts between your emotions and the behaviors or reactions these emotions cause. This is a challenging process for anyone but can be more difficult for adoptees, as so many emotions become attached to a reaction rooted in a belief that we are fighting for survival. Essential a kind of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. ERBT allows for an awareness of how you act differently to those emotions because of that attachment and how those reactions can cause destruction in your life.

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Take control of your thoughts and quite the negative voice within.

Enjoy and rejoice in your birthright.

Become reconnected with your identity.

Enjoy increased self esteem

Let go of emotions and behaviors that do not serve you.

Let go of emotional baggage you carry.

Enjoy a reduction in physical pain or discomfort.

Stop feeling lost and out of control in your life.

Improve sleep patterns and overall wellness


ERBT allows you to begin to live a restored, fulfilled life with more joy, purpose and success.


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