For the Adopted Person

My intention is to provide restorative care, emotional healing, coaching and consultation to the adopted person and their families through any and all parts of the life long journey of adoption. I use experience as an adopted person myself as well as skills I have obtained through being a Licensed Medical Massage Therapist and a Emotional Release and Balancing Technique Practitioner. These experiences, skills and knowledge have lead me to understand how emotions we have experienced at any point in our lives but especially during times of trauma become stuck and negatively influence our beliefs and behaviors. Adoption has an emotional impact on every person touched by it. The system in not perfect, education is lacking and societal beliefs surrounding adoption can cause adopted persons to feel alone, anxious, depressed and guilty for their feelings no matter how much their adoptive family loves them. -Kathy

Kathy is an advocate for open adoption and believes every adoptee should be provided their original birth certificate, all ethnic origin and health history information. Having said that relationships and reunions with birth families can be challenging. While open adoption is becoming more common, their are many adoptees still seeking their first/birth families and their health records. Others are seeing laws change within their state that will grant them access they never thought they would have. Support and emotional reflection is crucial during these times of change. A reunion situation can be very emotionally challenging, even in the best circumstances and unrealistic expectations and emotions can cause blocks to the healing this event can provide. Emotional Release and Balancing Technique is extremely effective at finding subconscious beliefs, expectations and emotions that are present without our conscious knowledge. These are emotions and beliefs that became part of us before age 6, when our brains operate on a different wave length called Theta. The emotions and beliefs that we had about our adoption before age 6 will find their way into a reunion situation and potentially complicate it even more, if we do not become aware of what those feelings and beliefs may be.

Restorative care, coaching and liaison serves are also available to the adopted person and family members before, during and after a reunion with the birth family.

Emotional Release and Balancing Technique is available for anyone touched by adoption over the age of 6.

Restorative care, coaching and consulting is available to anyone in the adoption triad at any point in the journey.

These services are provided by: Kathy Harlow, Adoptee, LMT, Emotional Release and Balancing Technique Practitioner

For the Foster Person

Many of the emotions, beliefs and behaviors that are part of the adoption process are also part of being in the system as a fostered person. Sometimes they are even more prevalent as fostered children are moved from home to home multiple times suffering trauma each time. All service and resources of Live To Be Restored are also intended to be available to any fostered person and their family.


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